The interview was amazingly frustrating, and her attitude was amazingly unpleasant

Well, slap my butt and call me Sally, boink the interview! That’s right, take that agenda and send it filling. This was meant to be an in-depth, heart-to-heart chat with the silver-haired fox, Miriam Harding. But no, Miriam is a nasty one; she’d rather get down and insatiable than babble on about life. “I love sex,” she unabashedly admits to the panicked interviewer. “Cock is my fave,” she adds nonchalantly, making one thing abundantly clear. She’s not here for chit-chat. Our naughty Miriam is partial to some good old-fashioned dogging. The sensing of a stud wholly submerged in her gets her all wonderful and bothered. Perceiving a puny brave, she invites the interviewer to cozy up next to her on the chesterfield.

Now, sit taut because it’s showtime folks! Our audacious Miriam determines its time to show the pubes. She introduces her beautiful rack, disobeying gravity in all its G-cup glory. The interviewer gawks like a deer in headlights at her ample chest. The authenticity of her hooters stays a mystery, but let’s be real, does it matter? Before long, the polite back-and-forth banter takes a backseat as Miriam turns into a seductress. She has the boy play with her nips. That’s when he obliges by suggesting her his meat stick which she graciously services. Damn, Miriam! You are one lascivious elder.

“I recently hosted an eight-hour-long erotica marathon at my abode,” bragged our defiant Miriam who hails from sunny San Diego, California. “It was phat.” And I’ll be damned if she isn’t magnificent in this sequence as well! She swallows him entire before he takes her on a joy ride in her nether regions. But no, our nasty Miriam needs more. She craves for his manhood in her rear, receiving him fully in her barred passage. And eventually, the grand finale, she takes his tempting finale all over her face. Because that’s how our insatiable gals like it. You can watch more of Miriam Harding’s mischievous escapades at SILVERSLUTS.COM!

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