Patty Michova exhibits a savage and relentless zeal

Steve Q. and the svelte seductress Patty Michova have a history, a past that has seen them intertwined passionately, not once, but twice. Steve knows the tantalizing forms that shape Patty’s delightful body, and a mere view from her is enough to drive him mischievous with desire. For the 3rd act of their thrilling series, they’ve decided to shove boundaries and examine a new intensity, a brutality that leaves them both gagging.

Before they even commence to get rid of their garb, the heat between them is palpable. Steve, throbbing with anticipation for Patty, finds his stiffness engulfed between her ample cleavage, her lustful deeds causing him to shriek with pleasure. Dutifully, Steve positions Patty on her mitts and knees, her limber form exposed completely to him. He trails his tongue along her erogenous zones, his audacious actions elicit moans of pleasure from Patty. This primal position only arouses Steve further, and he dives into her depths with fervor. Patty, not one to be outdone, bucks insanely against him – Steve’s manhood buried deep within her. Holding onto the bed frame for support, she shifts her assets in an sweeping tempo, her exquisite face etched in rapture.

The eagerness continues to escalate, with Steve seeking fresh fulfillment. He positions himself before Patty, longing the adept tenderness of her mouth around his firmness. Mounting Steve with the ferocity of a mechanical bull straddle at a nightclub, Patty continues their warmed date. The strength reaches its climax when Steve brings Patty to a point so high, it leaves her blasting a torrent of flavored dew. But they’re not done yet – not by a long shot. Decided to go out with a have sex, Steve pokes Patty from the side until he can hold back no longer. His orgasm ensures this thrilling episode finishes on a high note.

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