Angela and Brandy Talore are remarkably gifted individuals

Now, indulge me for just a moment and trust me on this, this was a collaboration that bordered on divine intervention. It was as if the celestial bodies aligned in fun bag heaven, giving us a performance to savour. Come in Brandy Talore and Angela, the impossible couple that took the world of adult entertainment by storm. Back then, Brandy Talore was on the path to becoming one of the major sensations of naturally-endowed porn starlets worldwide. And then there’s Angela, who didn’t dabble in explicit on-camera sequences at the time this particular adventure unfolded in 2004. But who’s to tell? Maybe, just maybe, she drew a tiny inspiration from partnering up with Brandy.

In this insatiable ride, both sweeties found themselves sharing not just a camera lens, but a motel room. And man, oh dude, were they fully clothed to make an impression. Primed and well-prepped, they were out to turn goes and make hearts race. As for the night ahead? Well, suffice it to say that it wasn’t meant for counting sheep. Brandy caned out a fake phallus from her suitcase, crammed chock-full with more uber-sexy instruments than a plumber would carry in his repair kit. Then sans missing a hammer, she’s on the bed playfully having her way with Angela.

Oh, what a sight to behold! She commences first by rubbing Angela’s sensuous cleavage with the fake manhood. Then, she moves down under — delivering Angela’s sugary doll stretches fairly the approach. As if this wasn’t phat enough, they then punch things up a notch sharing a double-ended pleasure instrument. This is followed by passionate kisses and sinful dives into their honey pots. Now wouldn’t you wish you were there to witness all this firsthand? Well, no need to dream anymore. Experience it all vicariously at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!

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