Lacy truly appreciates the unparalleled, authentic practices in life

Oh, Lacy, there’s nothing quite like the genuine article, is there? The pictures you left off on in your last solo spectacle certainly display that. You had just reached the apex of pleasure numberless times, thanks to some spirited self-love involving a massive toy. Now, for your average dame, that might be the end of playtime for the day. Up they’d get, off to the shower, prepared to sundress up and return to the humdrum of their daily routine. But Lacy? Oh, she’s far from average. This 40-year-old girlfriend and mom hailing from Oregon isn’t done. That plastic fucktoy was a mere warm-up for her wet, yearning doll opens up.

She needs some authentic masculine attention, and she’s going to get it all right – down her deepthroat, nestled inbetween her generous bosom, and diving deep inwards her pleasure house. And when it’s all said and done, she’s going to take that magnificent geyser right on her chest and massage it into her skin. Is our dear Lacy pleased now? Can anyone ever truly know? Such a broad as she has an dirty appetite. Maybe she went home and had another go with her husband; maybe she ensnared some unaware traveler at Miami Airport and gave him a smallish oral handle in the bathroom. It’s anyone’s guess, indeed.

When asked by IBonedYourMom, “Are you sexually aggressive or passive?” Lacy replied, “It depends on the situation and my mood.” As for getting individual with another dame? “Yes, but not to completion.” An interesting note: Next time you talk with Lacy, ask her about being interrupted during some all girl act. Perhaps a boy entered the episode and they opted for some sausage over seafood. And for corn slot sex? Lacy’s got a taste for it — with the right mechanism, of course. Lacy, my dear, if you’re keen on having it done right, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. See more of Lacy Jane at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!

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