Bobbi Shay, a vivacious woman, celebrates her 58th bday by engaging with you intimately

Bobbi Shay, a sultry Canadian MILF, decided to celebrate her 58th birthday in quite the unconventional way – by having sex. Tho’, she wasn’t romping around with just any dude. No, she was sharing these flamy, individual moments with you. The majority of this smoldering vignette was grasped from your own perspective. So, you get to see the tormenting view of this seductive divorcee and mom going down on you. She’s not only using her mouth but also dirty dancing on you, showing you all the dirty ways she can make you feel good. When it’s time for your orgasm, she insists, “I want your cum”. True to her word, she gets exactly what she was yearning for.

Bobbi isn’t all about physical pleasure, though; she has more to her than just a voracious sexual appetite. When asked about the men she chooses, she says that she is drawn to polite, respectful, and intelligent men of any ethnicity who know how to make her laugh. Bobbi appreciates generosity and a positive outlook on life. Though, she admits that there’s something about certain, lucky, and surprisingly bashful guys that truly gets her going. When asked about her idea of a brilliant day, she collective her romanticized version involving a day touring the art and architecture of Florence along with a dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant in Montepulciano. Yet regularly, her reality is more down-to-earth – paddleboarding on the beach, bonding with beasts at the local humane society before settling in for a movie night at home.

As a doll who doesn’t mind voicing her sexuality, Bobbi luvs dressing to accentuate her bod. She describes her style as “casual-elegant” with an artistic rub. Her love for fashion runs deep – so deep that if she was any taller, she’d want to chase a career as a fashion model. When asked if she loved being watched during sex, her answer was an ecstatic yes! The thought of someone else getting aroused, hiding in the shadows, pleasuring themselves as they watched her engaged in the throes of lust was a gigantic turn-on for her. “I love knowing I’m turning you on as much as I’m turned on!” she exclaimed with glee. You can check out more about this passionate vixen at her page on 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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