Enjoying a dazzling day with Kerry Marie

So, you want to spend a day with Kerry Marie? Well, prepare for an exciting and slightly dirty escapade. Kerry Marie is quite the mettle, an tempting female with a full figure. The big-boobed sweetie has a unique way of kicking off her day which she is impatient to share with the world. Just 5 minutes after she wakes up, she attends to her sensuous boobies. She awakens them with a energetic rubdown, sucking each nipple in turn which proves to be a quite vibrating view! Then, in a rather playful fashion, she shakes them back and forth before applying “Kerry’s Kream”.

As the morning continues, an interesting ritual unfolds. Kerry embarks the process of creaming her titties, every bit as enrapturing as it sounds. She touches the fluid on them, rubbing it in meticulously. But that’s not all; Kerry likes her breasts to sparkle. So she takes hold of a bottle of baby oil, lavishing a liberal amount all over her chest area. Everyone agrees that the outcome is pretty good, or perhaps even excellent.

Next on her daily agenda is choosing her wardrobe. Here’s where we inject, as she playfully asks for our help in picking out her brassiere for the day. First, she attempts on a milky one which is apparently as well small to contain her assets. Not to be deterred, she seizes a hot translucent blue hooter-slings only to find it’s also too lil’. Bras after boulder-holder is tried and cast aside, from another white one, a black one, even a crimson number. Finally, she selects a white brassiere that looks as however it was made just for her.

Furthering the risqué tone, it shortly becomes time for Kerry to clear her thicket ahead of a picture shoot that afternoon. Razor and some testicle tonic at the ready, she mildly heads about the task in a manner that even Schick and Gillette would appreciate! The day with Kerry Marie comes to a close but leaves a lasting impression, proving that life can truly be a thrilling venture. To observe more of Kerry’s bold antics, you can visit her profile at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!

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