Maxine Rouge exhibits her monster-sized, sexy breasts and textured, hairy personal field

Maxine Rouge, a voluptuous hottie who first debuted at XLGirls, now shares an insight into her intimate life, answering some cheeky questions that might make your cheeks flush! XLGirls asked Maxine if she always wears a brassiere, to which she answered, “Nowadays, I’m constantly going without bra to give them a breather. I only wire one on when I sense like my erect nips are drawing too much attention.”

When asked about her fave sexual position, Rouge boldly reacted, “Either doggy style or the mating press,” which is a modification of the missionary position that permits for deeper penetration. Moving onto foreplay preferences, she confessed to liking everything from sultry making out and groping to a bit of polishing. And then there’s nipple play and oral act – all part of the fun in Maxine’s book!

Rouge continued the mischievous conversation sans hesitation, sharing details about her nastiest sexual adventure. “Well,” she said with a filthy smirk, “that was when I was frigged in a park after dark. We were spotted, so we had to bolt from the cops. On a few occasions, I’ve performed oral and had sex right there in the park.” But it doesn’t end there; Maxine also has a penchant for fetishes, with water sports being her favorite. And when it comes to self-pleasure? She’s no stranger, admitting to utilizing not just her hands but also a wand numerous times a week. “Usually, it’s mostly clitoral stimulation rather than frigging,” she disclosed. You can find more succulent details about Maxine Rouge at PORNMEGALOAD.COM.

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