The sultry Mariza Rabbit is turning up the fever with her big figure

Introducing Mariza Rabbit, a top-tier SCORE big-bust model who has a diabolical tiny trick up her sleeve for a certain James Angel. Well, it’s not so much up her sleeve as wrapped cozily around her body; a brand fresh dress that’s practically ensured to make James’ eyeballs pop out of his head. This dress is the epitome of the SCORE big-bust model sundress code- it’s sinfully tight, unsafely low-cut, and scandalously short. You can slightly blame poor old James for not being able to manage his impulses. It isn’t long before he’s up close and private, delighting in Mariza’s abundant cleavage.

His forearms are practically magnets, drawn irresistibly to her voluminous boobs. He spends next to no time before getting a perceive for himself, his lips latching onto her swell nipples like some ravenous creature. But Mariza isn’t one to let him have all the fun. She turns the tables and, like a true pro, displays him just how good she can make him feel with her talented mouth. Then it’s his turn to reciprocate, bending his attention to pleasure her. Their hook-up is nothing short of sultry, as they exploit the bed’s sturdy framework, fervently thrusting and bouncing.

Mariza Rabbit is a complicated creature total of lusty contradictions. While she flawlessly plays the part of submissive sex kitten, she hints at being able to take charge when the fad hits her. And when it comes down to it, what really pleases this insatiable vixen are foray and blowjobs. But there’s more to this captivatingly curvaceous cutie than just that! She has an exciting fondness for anal play as well, making her fairly the all-round player in the bedroom. As far as wishes go, she confesses she’d like to see her significant other with another beautiful female while she sits back and indulges herself. Oh, what a view that would be! The thought alone could make for an exceptionally tantalising photo shoot. Surely no one would want to miss more of Mariza Rabbit’s exciting exploits at SCORELAND.COM!


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