Nicole Aria auditions men for male penis modeling gigIt was a typical day. Nicole Aria auditions men. In her office that is. Me auditioning to make their debut in the world of male penis modeling.

To continue on, Nicole had a very specific set of criteria she was looking for, and anyone who failed to meet her expectations was quickly sent packing.
Over the course of the next several hours, Nicole interviewed a variety of men, some handsome and some not-so-handsome, all hoping for a chance to be part of her kinky online venture. She asked them a series of questions about their penis size, shape and even how they liked to pleasure themselves when they felt the urge to do so, if you please.

Moreover, once the interviews were over, Nicole took the men into her bedroom. There, she instructed them to strip down to their underwear. From there, she challenged them to make their manhoods to stand at attention for her. To get things moving along, let’s say that some were successful, while others were not so successful at getting stiff under Nicole’s stare. However, those that did sprout a healthy looking erection would soon feel Nicole’s hands upon their members, and how good that must have felt, wouldn’t you say? You see, tugging on their hard cocks was all part of the audition process, so this was quite acceptable practise – under these kinds of working conditions, nice. Very nice, when you think about it.

Finally, after tugging on a few dicks, Nicole found the cock for the job.

Now, if you’d like to watch the entire Nicole Aria audition process, then I just happened to have dropped a link to the video. Cheers!

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