The adventurous off the hook agent 69 carries out his operations diligently

“Having these colossal titties isn’t as charming as people think,” Janet Jade mused, with a hint of humor. This statement caused quite the move among us in our SCORE office, we were baffled! “Sure, they have their moments. There are times when I put on an garment and they make me view sexy, turn goes as I walk down the street. But it’s not always fun and games. Finding bras that fit is like hunting for a mythical creature, it’s almost impossible,” she sniggered.

Janet continued, her cheekiness ever present, “And the worst part? If I try adorned what the lil’ damsels are sporting, abruptly I’ve got bosom in places I didn’t think possible.” She shrugged in a ‘what can you do’ kind of way, “So yeah, I’m grateful for them but occasionally I wouldn’t mind if they were a couple sizes smaller.”

Janet reflected on the staggering attention she drew, her tone took on a serious note. “The stares were the strangest thing for me at first. People blatantly ogling my chest was unnerving and made me clumsy.” She paused for a moment before her playful sneer returned, “It wasn’t until I started dancing at 19 that I started embracing my unique body. I witnessed how the studs responded to me, and suddenly the attention wasn’t so bad anymore.” We could slightly disagree. Find out more about Janet Jade’s enrapturing journey with her larger-than-life figure at SCORELAND.COM!

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