The spirited Slam Jam was an event that will be remembered

Kelly Starr, also known as Ram Jam, was minding her own biz when she came across a rather unusual character: a stud scouting for Bodacious. As destiny would have it, Kelly happened to be in the parking bunch of a shopping center, and the recruiter was fast to spot her. It wasn’t exactly surprising considering Ms. Starr’s voluptuously blessed body. She was generously endowed with a set of monstrous boobies and an even more massive backside. Her exquisite rear end was so delightfully shaped that it was almost like a flawless shelf. The recruiter couldn’t determine whether he wished to sit on it or get into it! Kelly’s backdoor bumpers were nothing short of surreal.

The recruiter proposed an sudden offer – would Kelly be interested in starring in a Bodacious flick? Initially taken aback, she rapidly heated up to the idea upon being flattered. So, with an affirmative nod, she accompanied him to his BootyMobile. The tour concluded at the ostentatious BootyMansion, where the squad had their jaws dropped at the look of Kelly’s awesome physique. Not only were they taken aback by the see thru size and form of her caboose, but they were also dumbfounded by the level of manage she had over her ass-cheeks. Like children on X-mas morning, they investigated her bum as if it was the most precious gift they’d ever received.

In a turn of events that amped up the raunchy aura, two of the guys decided to take things farther with Kelly. Exhibiting an animalistic brutality, she serviced both their needs at the same time. As they reciprocated her favor, each of them took turns pleasing her, ultimately culminating in a insanely intense doggie style double-penetration session. With one of the boys underneath her and the other injecting from behind, the anal-intercourse transformed into an uncontrollable booty-fest, wiggling the very foundations of the BootyMansion! This was, tho, just the starting of Kelly Starr’s adventures, as anyone could come to learn more about her at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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