The voluptuous Brittany Andrews engages in an intimate act with her best friend's son

Well, you wouldn’t believe what Brittany Andrews, a woman that has held the gaze of men since 1995, has gotten up to now. She, with her voluptuously rounded figure and sultry blonde hair, is known for being a bit on the wild side. But this time, she has really taken a leap into the naughty territory. Now, at 49 years old, she is making waves with her best friend’s collegiate son. Yes, you heard that right!

Brittany’s lascivious antics were featured on PORNMEGALOAD.COM!, where she was seen sharing intimate moments with a nubile man, who is her best friend’s son. This girl man wasn’t even a glimmer in his mother’s eye when Brittany first sashayed onto the sexy scene, modeling for SCORE magazine and flaunting her ample assets on the inaugural Boob Cruise in 1995. That’s a lot of time passed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Brittany’s flair for turning men’s heads around. The video offered a peek into their private romp, where Brittany performed with an enthusiastic frenzy. The nubile stud ended up showing his appreciation by virtually painting her chest with his lustful release.

“I feel sexiest when I’m dolled up in an enticing outfit, my hair and makeup done to perfection and having a man who genuinely admires my physical allure and who I am as a person,” remarked Brittany on her recent escapade. This matchstick of a man did just that and more. Brittany further added about her secret to feeling sexy, “It’s all about the blend of presenting oneself impressively and earning genuine admiration from the partner that makes me feel irresistibly appealing.” She may not have had a committed relationship in a good decade or so, however, that does not deter her from making her male companions feel special both inside and outside the boudoir. To get proof of just how special he felt, you only need to look at the generous load he graciously gifted onto Brittany’s chest. If that doesn’t shout ‘special’, I don’t know what does!/

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