Amazingly, you're engaging in individual relations with your friend's enthralling mommy today

Hold on to your hats fellas, you’re in for an unexpected handle! Surprise isn’t even the word for it. So, here’s the vignette. You’re a youthful hotshot, well-prepped for a steamy adult film shoot. But imagine the gut-wrenching shock when you find out that the leading dame happens to be your friend’s mother! Strange? Unheard of? More than you’d ever know. Now bring Molly Manning into the photo, a slinky 48-year old divorcee and mom, equally taken aback by the situation. Oh, and get this, Molly is so scandalized after unearthing something fairly substantial filled in her son’s friend’s denim jeans that she just can’t struggle back!

Molly, being an adventurous lady from Down Under now residing in Los Angeles, determines this is far too sugary-sweet to pass up. She wants in on the act. There’s no turning back now as she succumbs to the temptation of his oversized package. She determines why not just take it for a whirl, after all – who could resist those curves? It’s a win-win situation as he is more than glad to feast on her delightful frame. The end result? A face total of joy for our dear Molly! If that doesn’t make for a riveting orgasm, we don’t know what does.

You might wonder how Molly would respond to her lil’ secret being exposed to her social circle. Her nonchalant response? “Not at all.” In fact, Molly confesses to being somewhat of an exhibitionist. She recalls the nastiest meeting of her life when she was viewing an open building and finished up getting down and filthy in the bathroom! When asked about initiating sex or waiting for the boy to make the first budge, Molly cheekily responds with “Whatever is faster.” Are you intrigued yet? Want to see more of Molly’s saucy escapades? Head on over to 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM for more tormenting details. Buckle up, it’s going to be a dirty straddle!

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