Juliana Fantasies, an remarkable pole dancer, flashes her abilities

Juliana Cravings, the sultry pole dancer, is oncoming about her wishes. She spits once her mind flits to the thought of engaging in doggy style and missionary sex. She’s not just after any guy, no she wants someone carrying a big fountain. This brave dame shares her wish of engaging in dual foray, too, lured by the torturing thrill it brings. “I find it so hot; watching it indeed gets my gears polishing,” Juliana confessed. Not one to show timidness, Juliana is a vivacious vixen, ravenous for well-packed, handsome hombres. Men find it rigid to resist her charm, handling her like a queen and acknowledging her as breast and backside royalty.

When Parker Sims, a regular at XLGirls, first meetings Juliana, he’s left panting by the enormity of her cleavage. He immediately falls prey to tit drunkenness, a state characterized by rigidness and stiffness with no known remedy – not that anyone would want one. Upon watching Juliana in a new skin-tight dress, featuring a bathing suit top that hardly contains her ample figure, he’s bewitched. Anxious to idolization her divine assets, he hastily assists her out of the dress, hardly able to keep his hands off her for more than a few seconds. Before him now lay those huge bare boobs – a glance that had him under a spell. Driven by his urges he reaches out to seize them in his hungry arms. At his rub, Juliana’s assets arches in pleasure as she demands her derriere be kneaded and her tits lavished with attention.

Moving effortlessly, Juliana shoves Parker onto the bed, taking control of their steamy session. She takes his sturdy member into her mouth, sucking it firm while producing noisy licking noises. Parker chokes at the energy of the sensation – most guys would have climaxed in an instantaneous. Standing up on the bed, Parker lets Juliana get on all fours, allowing her to press his throbbing member in inbetween her melon-like tits. Following a heated tit job session, Juliana mounts Parker, guiding his firm dick into her smooth, tight center. The room reverberates with the sound of her pleasured shudders as she rhythmically grinds against him. Observe more of Juliana Dreams’ tantalizing performances at SCORELAND.COM!

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