Linsey's passionate lezzie seduction story is intriguing

This is the tale of Linsey and Autumn-Jade, an enticingly curvy Yankee ultra-cutie imported directly from Alabama by ‘SCORE’, for their torturing picture shoots and gorgeous videos. Our nice Autumn confessed to Linsey how she’d never investigated the tantalizing insides of girl proximity before this date. This wasn’t Linsey’s first rodeo, tho, she had already been inducted into the risqué delights of lezzy pleasure by the seasoned ‘Mistress of Lesbo Pleasures’, Chloe Vevrier herself. “I don’t know why, but for some reason Autumn just enjoys munching my vag,” Linsey shamelessly confessed to the editor of SCORE during the filming.

In this gorgeous video, Autumn is seen engrossed in Linsey’s luscious magazine spread when sleep overcomes her. Awakened from her slumber, she finds herself entwined in the passionate web spun by Linsey herself. It’s a beguiling performance that pleads the question: How did the photographers on the set manage to avoid a dash to the men’s room? Their level of endurance is truly commendable, almost superhuman one might say.

In its glory days back in 2000, “Linsey’s Lesbo Seduction” was a important strike. There were merely a handful of adult DVDs being produced and the internet was still fighting to keep up, offering paltry one-minute forceps to please antsy aficionados. Linsey’s faithful followers would impatiently order her tapes thru snail mail, such was the fidelity back then. As we say, life’s much lighter these days, isn’t it? If you have a hankering for more of Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s tantalizing adventures, be sure to check out LINSEYSWORLD.COM!

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