She would truly make a remarkably good wife

Imagine a curvaceous lady so phat, she can liven up the most mundane tasks with her boundless allure. Photo Joana, a big-boobed bombshell, who has captivated us with her glorious physique while performing the simplest of household chores. Yet, every now and then, she gives herself a break to expose her sumptuous figure. Our intention is not to impose unreasonable requests on these chicks, demanding they strip and flaunt themselves while we simply watch. Quite the opposite, we lift them to the highest pedestals, this makes it rather easy to peep up their skirts and capture those gorgeous low-angle shots.

For Joana, who’s been glamorous us since 2003 and has even claimed the crown of Voluptuous Model of the Yr twice, her appeal has only grown through the years. She confidently announces, “I love having humungous boobs,” an attribute that didn’t always bring her joy. She recollects, “I was around 13 when they embarked to increase in size. I was bustier than every female in my class.” She admits how uneasy it made her perceive when her male peers’ gawps gravitated more in the direction of her chest than her eyes.

These days however, she’s more secure and pushy about her total bod. She savors all the admiring sights she receives and no longer minds if they are directed in the direction of her tits. A radiant smile lights up her face as she says, “It makes me sense good that they view at all of me…I can feel the love.” Then she adds, merrily, “The larger the breasts, the more love you have to give.” A mantra that every huge-titted dame should adopt. If you fantasy to feast your eyes on more of Joana Bliss’s charm and softcore, check out JOANABLISS.COM!

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