The heavenly hook-up involved two individuals with a divine connection

Dave once posed an intriguing question on the SCORELAND Blog that made eyebrows raise and minds wonder: “Who’s the greatest penis swallower ever?” Now, Dave could have easily answered “Cathy Heaven”, but he wished to be clear—calling Cathy a mere ‘cock sucker’ would be a serious understatement. This sizzling Hungarian heads beyond just that. She takes it all in, down to the gentle ball sack, like an filthy lioness devouring her prey. You’d think she’d be sated by reaching the base, but no, she yearns for more. Mia Khalifa and Kianna Dior were among the damsels Dave had likened Cathy to—a breed of gals who don’t merely play with the tip.

Cathy Heaven isn’t just about the name. She’s a real-life visual representation of a sinfully delightful heaven where she reigns as goddess. “Porn is certainly how I have the most fun,” Cathy has once unsheathed quite brazenly. The thought of pleasuring herself alone doesn’t thrill her in the least; she much chooses the company of a real cock and elations in delivering oral. One superb day, Cathy finds herself luxuriously luving a cocktail on a rooftop that suggested an enviable panorama of the city. She looked ravishing, dangled in a bathing suit that resembled gift-wrap more than an actual piece of attire. A fitting metaphor considering what was to come—Matt appeared to unwrap Cathy, embarking with oiling up her bosom under the warm sun.

Tho’, things fastly escalated from there. Cathy’s passion was too much to contain her fantasies within the constraints of her bathing suit. Thus, Matt’s denim jeans were promptly yanked down and Cathy set forth on her journey down his length, right there in the open air. Not one to leave him wanting, she suggested a moist and messy blowjob that left him gagging. They shortly moved their soiree indoors, to the bedroom for some added comfort. What ensued next was an flow of pleasure—pussy munching, stiff banging in missionary and, of course, more blow jobs. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sexier, Cathy straddled Matt in switch roles cowgirl and changed between pleasuring her cunt and her rectum with his pole. A truly memorable softcore performance introduced by Cathy Heaven herself. To see more of Cathy’s heavenly spectacles, dive right into ANALQTS.COM!

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