Meet Maisie Lewis, a attractive mom with an ample bosom

Allow me to present you to a voluptuous mommy named Maisie. “My ultimate wish is to be with a man while his gf is blissfully unsuspecting downstairs,” confessed 42-year-old Maisie Lewis, a divorced mommy hailing from England. Don’t be fooled by her guiltless smirk. This huge-boobed sweetheart has a devious side that craves prohibited fruit. Married men are her preferential prey, but she doesn’t discriminate. Single or linked, if you’re a boy, she’s interested – and she’s hunting.

Consider yourselves warned, gals. If Maisie is in the vicinity, keep a close witness on your fave husbands. This curvaceous divorcee is on the prowl, and it’s not only the married studs who get her attention. Unmarried ones too are at risk of falling into her fabulous snare. The nastiest meeting she’s had? “In my parent’s living apartment,” she admits with a mischievous sneer. “They came home early and caught us red-handed.” Does she favor younger guys? “Indeed. A captivating twunk of twenty-three was my most recent fucktoy. He used to babysit for me.” Uncannily young, isn’t she?

Maisie indulges in personal dates about 3 to 4 times a week, but insists that she is on the passive end of things – a claim we find rigid to believe considering her bold desires and prolific exploits. She shares that her acquaintances wouldn’t be shocked to see her indulging in filthy adventures as she does. When not luring guys, Maisie is keen on eyeing football (soccer to those residing in North America). She is a staunch supporter of Manchester Connected. You’re not a aficionado of Manchester Connected? Don’t hold that against her! Or, well, do… because by ‘that’, we mean… well, you get the picture! For more adventures of the torturing Maisie Lewis, visit PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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