Bea York discusses the chubby friction in an enlightening way

Brash and bold Bea York, a real bodacious sweetie, can’t determine what to wear to dinner. As she gawps into her wardrobe, she implores her disinterested beau, Nicky Rebel, for his opinion. The lazy youngster was lounging in bed, entirely consumed by some obscure television display. Frankly, he couldn’t care less about Bea’s fashion dilemma. Tho, when he witnessed Bea packaged in body-clinging lingerie, he hastily lost his marbles. Unable to resist the gravitational pull of Bea’s considerably ample figure, he liberates her titties from the confinement of her bra. He plasters himself onto those puffy peaks and suckles like he’s starving.

In a eagerness, Nicky undresses with a speed that would put an escape artist to shame — all the while pointing his incredible swelling in Bea’s direction. She plays along, happily peppering the biz end of his pole with smooches and handling the accompanying orbs to a thorough eating. Stripping her further till only her high-heels remain, Nicky finger-bangs Bea with abandon before delightfully delving his tongue into her smooth haven. Having taken enough, Bea divests herself of her shoes and straddles him – her yummy chunky assets prepared to take a naughty sit astride on Nicky’s merry-go-round.

Her bountiful boobs bob merrily as she buzzes on his shaft. Changing it up, she spins around and places Nicky’s exhilarated member back inwards her in a lust-fueled whirl. The smashing continues unabated — their culinary plans forgotten in favor of a more carnal feast. They’re now committed to exploring various postures over their planned restaurant expedition; doggy and missionary seem to be high on their list. In the presence of a exquisite vixen like Bea York, who would blame them? Any thoughts of leaving the bedroom are laughably out of the question. Bea York is the main course, and all other appetites must come second. Bea York, women and gentlemen, only on XLGIRLS.COM!

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