The medic wields important figure, a untrimmed privates and a mouth identified for oral satisfaction

Dr. Monir, a sizzling sexy lady doctor with a curvy framework, knows how to conduct an utterly thorough physical check-up. Her scrubs fight to contain her ample cleavage, and she gets down to biz examining every nook and cranny of her patient. With every inch meticulously checked, she leaves no stone unturned. Sneering triumphantly, she guarantees him of his apex health. Yet, there stays one final thing to verify – his manhood. Raising brows at his generous package, Dr. Monir voices approval with a nod and an thankful “You’re highly healthy.”

Abruptly, the unsuspecting patient discovers a surprising situation – the spirited 54-year-old, Persia has liberated his manhood from its cotton confines. Simultaneously vaunting her untrimmed ladylike realm and employing her abilities on his package. The check-up ends with a literal have sex – the seemingly fit patient busts his pent-up stress into Dr. Monir’s welcoming mouth.

Persia’s femininity is unique – it sports a copious amount of hair, a look infrequently seen in this era of minimalism. When questioned about her styling choice, she defends it staunchly. “My dudes would be immensely disappointed if I determined to depilate,” she claims with conviction, admitting that she used to keep it clean-shaved but deserted that practice. Her aim is to maintain her womanhood so attractively that dudes won’t be able to stand against spending as much time as possible examining it. Equating it to her dedication in her profession, she cheekily asks, “Wouldn’t you want me to spend as much time as possible on your dick?” With this candid attitude and aged charm, Persia offers an experience unmatched by any woman of any age, making her a standout among nymphs in their fifties. You can witness more of Dr. Persia Monir’s spicy adventures at MILFTUGS.COM!

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